In the world of mini trampolines are very few that are better than the Bellicon Classic, and those rebounders are made by Bellicon as well. This is because Bellicon produces the highest quality trampolines in the entire world.

While many other brands have tried to rip off the Bellicon style, none have been successful in producing a worthy contender quite yet. This is due to the Bellicon Classic being made from the best materials around. The frame comes constructed with a high-grade, high-gauge steel, and is even welded with such precision that it can hold a person weighing up to 440 pounds.

The quality of this rebounder is actually so high that we thought it would be a disservice not to review it right away. So without further ado, below are the 5 most important reasons to buy the Bellicon Classic mini trampoline.

Fun way to work out

While having fun may not be the most important reason to buy the Bellicon Classic, it is one of the top reasons we recommend buying a rebounder. Owning a mini trampoline gives you the ability to jump on a fun surface anytime of the day, no matter whether rain or shine. You can simply store it under your bed when you’re done using it and pull it back out whenever you’re ready to have fun jumping again.

Great for your health

Because the Bellicon Classic is fairly expensive, we often don’t recommend it to consumers who just want to have fun. Instead, rebounders from Bellicon should instead be used as a way to improve your health.

By jumping on 20 minutes a day will greatly boost your immune system, increase your endurance, detoxify your body and even strengthen your legs. There are variety of other health benefits as well, ranging anywhere from reducing back pain to controlling diabetes.

Easy on your joints

One of the major problems with running being a main form of exercise is that it can tend to get hard on your knees and other joints after a while. To prevent an injury from ever happening we recommend substituting some of the time you spend running and use it to jump on a rebounder instead.

The reason jumping on a rebounder is so great for your body is because the mat you’re jumping on is so soft and bouncy. This takes all the pressure off of your joints and even allows your back to feel much better as well.

Variety of colors and accessories

With most of the mini trampolines currently on the market you’re forced to buy a model that is plainly designed and essentially an eyesore. Luckily, with the Bellicon Classic you’re given the option to choose between a variety of different colors and accessories so you can create a rebounder that is perfect for you and your family.

When building your own rebounder you can choose between 10 different bungee colors, 5 different mat colors and 2 different frame finishes. All in total resulting in over 100 different color combinations.

The accessories for the Bellicon Classic include frame cushions, support handles, dual support handles, carrying bags and resistance bands. You can also choose your rebounder to be any one of three sizes: 39, 44 and 49 inches.

Adjustable bungee strength

What really makes the Bellicon Classic stand out from the rest of the fitness rebounders is the fact you’re given the ability to choose between a varieties of bungee strengths. Each type of bungee allows the rebounder to carry a certain amount of weight, and even provides a different kind of bounce depending on how much you weigh yourself. The maximum amount of weight that the strongest bungee can carry is 440lbs, far exceeding what they competition can carry.

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