If you want your children to go outside and play more then there is no better excuse than to jump on a trampoline. Not only is it free to use once you buy it, but trampolines are also great for your children’s health as well.
We’ve found the best way to get your kids to use the trampoline more often is to give them fun games to do. After watching my kids jump on the trampoline for the past few months I began to realize that they stick to mostly seven different games. I wasn’t sure what to call all the games at first, so for some of the games I just decided to just let my children name them themselves.


Best Trampoline Games

1) Duck, Duck, Goose
One of the first games my children ever played on the trampoline was duck, duck, goose. This is a simple enough game, just have everyone sit down in a circle and face each other while one person walks around the outside of the circle tapping everyone on the shoulder and saying duck. The players in the circle are then waiting for the player who is it to tap someone on the shoulder and say goose before.
Once that happens then they player who is “goosed” has to get up and try to tag the player who is it before they sit down in your spot. If you fail to do so then you are now it, but if you do tag the player back before he sits down in your spot then that player is it again.

2) Popcorn
the most popular again that my kids play on the trampoline is a little game known as popcorn. In order to play popcorn anyone person to sit in the middle with their legs crossed in front of them. That person has to hold her legs together by keeping their hands interlocked in front of them and if they let go there may have popped in the game starts out with somebody else.
You may want to make sure that your children are careful in playing this game because you can get a lot of air when everyone gets together to try to pop you all at once.

3) Dodgeball
This game is an old favorite of mine, and luckily it’s even more fun to play on a trampoline. All you need to do is have two players on each side throw the ball back and forth while trying to hit the players jumping on the trampoline. After you manage to hit someone they then have to switch places with you on the ground and you can get on the trampoline.
You may want to avoid using hard balls while playing this game as someone could easily get hurt. Instead, you’re better off buying some dodge balls or at least using something halfway soft such as a soccer ball.

4) 1 2 3 Bounce!
This game is similar to popcorn but instead of only one person being on the ground at all times, everyone jumps and lands on their but at the same time. This game can be a ton of fun because you can get so much air if everyone lands at just the right time.
If you have someone bigger on the trampoline than everyone else you can have them remain standing and put pressure on the trampoline just as everyone bounces. This will help catapult everyone further into the air and increase the amount of fun you can have playing this game.

5) Horse
Horse may be one of the oldest games in the book, but it’s still a good one as it allows everyone to bring out their competitive side. Simply perform a trick while in the air and everyone else has to copy it – anyone who fails to correctly perform the trick will then get a letter until horse is fully spelled out. The last person to remain standing that doesn’t have all of the letters of horse wins.

6) Zombies
Zombies is an intense game that starts off with only one player being it. The zombie (the player who is it) has to keep their eyes closed the whole time and try to tag somebody without ever fully standing on their feet. Once a zombie has tagged somebody then that player also becomes a zombie as well.
Before a zombie can tag another player though, they must first go to one side of the trampoline and sit there with their eyes closed for 10 seconds. This allows the other players to not get easily tagged by the new zombie.

7) Lava Balls
Lava balls is kind of like dodgeball, except nobody ever leaves the trampoline and all of the balls start on the trampoline as well. After you get all of the balls on the trampoline then push them all into the middle and have everyone start jumping all at once. If anyone gets hit with the ball they immediately have to get off the trampoline and help put the balls back onto the trampoline that fall off.
If you have a safety enclosure then this game will be a lot easier to play as the balls will never be able to fall off the side. In addition, if you don’t have enough balls around your home then you may want to try using water balloons instead. This way you will be able to know for sure if somebody gets hit as they will be covered in water.

Get Out There and Start Playing

Now that you know 7 of the best games to play on a trampoline you should have no problem getting your kids to go outside to have fun. Make sure to try creating new games for your children to play as it will surely keep them coming back outside for more. We also recommend pulling out the water hose during the summer as it sure is a great way to make the trampoline more fun. Just make sure to be safe and keep an eye on your children as you never know what those crazy kids can get up to on the trampoline!

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