When it comes time to buy a trampoline for your children there are many different factors you first need to consider: the main two being shape and size. While we’re not going to directly discuss the size of trampolines in this article, we will be discussing the different shapes of trampoline you can buy, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

We also recommend that you ask yourself these 5 questions before buying a trampoline. This way you will be absolutely prepared to buy the perfect trampoline for you and your children. Now without wasting anymore time let’s go find out what’s the best shape of trampoline for your backyard.


Round Trampoline

Round is the basic trampoline shape you’ll usually find at your local sporting goods or discount store. The reason round trampolines are so popular is because they’re the most affordable type of trampoline you can buy. This is because round trampolines require far less steel in order to manufacture a frame durable enough to hold a persons weight.

This is all the result of the round shape of the trampoline evenly distributing your weight amongst the frame as you jump. When jumping on any type of trampoline that isn’t round your weight will actually be more focused on one section of the frame at a time.

This forces trampoline manufacturers to make the frame of non-round trampolines much stronger in order to resist breaking under extreme pressure. Unfortunately, this does cause the price of other shaped trampolines to be much more expensive as well.

Another benefits of jumping on a round trampoline is that you will constantly be forced back to the middle of the mat. This is great for safety reasons as it will help keep you from falling off the side of the trampoline after a big bounce.


Square Trampoline

While square trampolines might be more expensive than their round counterparts, the stronger frame allows the trampoline to hold much more weight. In addition, square trampolines have much jumping surface as well due to the extra space at every corner.

If this doesn’t make sense to you, just imagine a sandwich with the crust cut off to the point the sandwich was actually round instead of square. Well the extra crust you cut off is the extra space you now have to jump on with a square trampoline.


Rectangular Trampoline

Rectangular trampolines are usually the most expensive type you can buy, but they also produce the most bounce as well. This is why rectangular models are always used by gymnasts and other types of athletes around the world.

If you’re interested in buying a rectangular trampoline then make sure you do your research first as there are many models that have the rectangular shape but fail to produce the gymnast quality bounce that you’re after.


Oval Trampolines

While oval trampolines are typically uncommon, you can find them if you manage to look hard enough. What makes oval trampolines so special is the fact they come with an extra-long jumping surface like a rectangular model, but yet still have the safety benefit of being pushed back to the middle of the jumping surface as you bounce.


So What Shape Should You Buy?

Now that you know the pros and cons of each shape of trampoline you will be much better prepared when it comes time to finally buy one for your family. We recommend you read consumer reviews of every trampoline you’re thinking of buying so you can make sure you’re getting something that is going to last.

If any trampoline you’re interested in buying doesn’t have any (or hardly any) reviews at all then you’re better off avoiding that particular model and looking somewhere else. The brands we would recommend are Skywalker, SpringFree, Airzone and Exacme.

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