While I’ve had my fair share of trampoline fails in my day, I don’t know if I’ve ever made a fool of myself like the people in the video below. I wasn’t going to share this at first because it makes trampolines seem kind of dangerous, but it was just so funny that I couldn’t resist. If this video does scare you a little then you may want to consider getting a trampoline from Springfree as they’re the safest trampolines in the world.

Finally my town just got its first trampoline park and you wouldn’t believe how excited me and my kids were to go! Of course we made sure to go there on the day of its grand opening (which was packed by the way) and we had so much fun I even went the next two days as well. If you’ve never been to a trampoline park then you should definitely check out the video below. It will give you a sneak peek into how much fun you can have by simply jumping on trampolines and hopping over obstacles. While their trampoline park may be a little different than the one we have in our hometown, all of them are essentially[…]

When you’re a little kid even going out to jump on a trampoline can be a ton of fun, but as you get older you’ll begin to get a little bored with the regular jumping and want to step it up and do some cool tricks. Well today is your lucky day because we’re going to personally teach you (okay maybe not personally) how to do some of the coolest tricks ever performed on a trampoline.   Cool Tricks to Perform on a Trampoline Before you start trying to perform any tricks on your trampoline, you first need to make sure to read over our safety rules. While these rules may be written with mostly young children in mind, most[…]

When it comes time to buy a trampoline for your children there are many different factors you first need to consider: the main two being shape and size. While we’re not going to directly discuss the size of trampolines in this article, we will be discussing the different shapes of trampoline you can buy, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each one. We also recommend that you ask yourself these 5 questions before buying a trampoline. This way you will be absolutely prepared to buy the perfect trampoline for you and your children. Now without wasting anymore time let’s go find out what’s the best shape of trampoline for your backyard.   Round Trampoline Round is the basic[…]

So you thinking about buying a new trampoline for your family to enjoy? Well, before you do, you should probably ask yourself these 5 questions below in order to ensure you get the best trampoline for you and your family. This way you don’t end up wasting your money on the wrong trampoline and be forced to listen to your kids constantly complain. Instead, you’ll be the hero of your family because you brought home the trampoline of your children’s dreams. So be that hero and keep on reading.   Do you have enough space in your yard? If you don’t have enough space in your yard then you’ll run into the problem of the trampoline not properly fitting. We[…]

If you want your children to go outside and play more then there is no better excuse than to jump on a trampoline. Not only is it free to use once you buy it, but trampolines are also great for your children’s health as well. We’ve found the best way to get your kids to use the trampoline more often is to give them fun games to do. After watching my kids jump on the trampoline for the past few months I began to realize that they stick to mostly seven different games. I wasn’t sure what to call all the games at first, so for some of the games I just decided to just let my children name them[…]