Jumping on trampoline is a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy. Simply set up a trampoline in your backyard and you no longer have to even leave your home to have fun. The best part about buying a trampoline though is that they are fairly inexpensive compared to other items you would buy in order to have fun. Not to mention jumping on a trampoline is also just a good excuse to go outside. Sure, you could go get a season pass to your local theme park for a year, or you could buy a trampoline for the same price or less that will last you for years. In addition to the trampoline lasting longer, it can also[…]

In the world of mini trampolines are very few that are better than the Bellicon Classic, and those rebounders are made by Bellicon as well. This is because Bellicon produces the highest quality trampolines in the entire world. While many other brands have tried to rip off the Bellicon style, none have been successful in producing a worthy contender quite yet. This is due to the Bellicon Classic being made from the best materials around. The frame comes constructed with a high-grade, high-gauge steel, and is even welded with such precision that it can hold a person weighing up to 440 pounds. The quality of this rebounder is actually so high that we thought it would be a disservice not[…]

If you’re looking to improve your health then you won’t find a much better way than jumping on the MaXimus Pro Gym Rebounder. This mini trampoline is used in gyms and spas all around the world, but is also the perfect model to be used in your household as well. You can use this trampoline to help you lose weight, strengthen your muscles and increase your balance and coordination. While it’s true you can spend way less money and get a rebounder of similar size, but if you want absolute best then we recommend sticking with the MaXimus Pro.   Well-built and reliable One of the best features of the MaXimus Pro Gym Rebounder is that it’s made from a[…]