If you want to get your children to go outside and play but you constantly find yourself struggling to get them away from their smart phones and video games, then we suggest you continue reading our review of the world’s first smart trampoline from Springfree. So what exactly is a smart trampoline? Well, a smart trampoline is any trampoline that uses technology in a “smart” way. While the idea of technology in a trampoline may seem weird at first, it’s actually extremely useful and gives children a better incentive to go jumping. Instead of simply jumping in circles and playing games such as popcorn, kids can instead interact with a tablet that’s attached to the side of the safety enclosure[…]

Over the past weekend we visited one of our friend’s house where we had the experience of jumping on the 15ft. square trampoline from Skywalker. This trampoline is definitely one of the more expensive models you can find on the market, which had me and my husband overly excited about trying out. When we first got there we knew right away that this wasn’t going to be your average trampoline, as it had a much different feel than the typical round trampoline you normally find in someone’s backyard. After crawling through the safety net enclosure and jumping on the trampoline for a while we did find out that this model does have its problems as well. So if you’re interested[…]