Over the past weekend we visited one of our friend’s house where we had the experience of jumping on the 15ft. square trampoline from Skywalker. This trampoline is definitely one of the more expensive models you can find on the market, which had me and my husband overly excited about trying out. When we first got there we knew right away that this wasn’t going to be your average trampoline, as it had a much different feel than the typical round trampoline you normally find in someone’s backyard.

After crawling through the safety net enclosure and jumping on the trampoline for a while we did find out that this model does have its problems as well. So if you’re interested in knowing the pros and cons of this square Skywalker trampoline then make sure to stick around for the rest of the review.


Highly Durable Construction

One of the favorite things I love about Skywalker trampolines is that they are extremely well-built and will last you for many years. Many of the trampolines you currently find on the market are sadly only built to last year or two, but with Skywalker trampolines you can easily expect it to last 3 to 5 years because it is so high quality.

This square trampoline is built with a 16-gauge, 2.4 inch diameter galvanized steel frame which is more than capable of holding someone up to 250 pounds. With reinforced T sockets at each leg and enclosure joints you have nothing to worry about when it comes to stability issues either. Even the spring pad is made out of a thick UV resistant PVC material that will last you for many years to come.

In fact, this trampoline is so well-made that meets or exceeds all ASTM safety standards – even though it is not required by law.


Well-Built Safety Enclosure

What makes Skywalker trampolines so safe is the well-made safety enclosure that comes included with it. By using their patented no-gap enclosure system, there’s absolutely no space in between the enclosure netting and the jumping surface thanks to the fact the net is attached to the mat at each spring. This ensures that nobody ever slips through one of the little gaps to cause an unnecessary injury.

Included with the safety enclosure is a dual zipper and latch clip closure system that ensures your kids are safely inside the enclosure at all times. This dual closure system also works to keep the netting tight around the trampoline all times.

The metal bars that hold the enclosure system up are also very well padded with foam and give the trampoline 12 contact points between the poles and the netting. This way you never have to worry about the safety net sagging too much and getting in the way of your kids jumping.


Tons of Jumping Surface

What makes me love about this trampoline more than others is the insanely large amount of space you have to jump on. Even though this trampoline may be only 15 feet all the way around, it’s actually 21.2 feet from one corner to another.

This is because the extra space in the corner of the trampoline that isn’t typically there gives you a few extra foot of room on each side. This extra room makes jumping from one corner to another extremely fun to do, but it does come with a major downside as well – which may make you want to avoid buying this trampoline altogether.

This downside is actually the fact that this trampoline has a weak amount of bounce compared to most other models you’ll find on the market. This is because the jumping surface is actually so big from one corner to another that the springs aren’t strong enough to keep a good amount of the bounce. This is unfortunate because I really looked forward to jumping on this trampoline due to the fact it’s the first square trampoline I’ve ever actually jumped on.

Sadly, I’m going to have to recommend you read other trampoline reviews unless you want to spend a ton of money for a mediocre amount of bounce. If you have small kids then maybe this trampoline will be fine, but if not hopefully you haven’t spent your money already so you can go on looking for something else.

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