If you want to get your children to go outside and play but you constantly find yourself struggling to get them away from their smart phones and video games, then we suggest you continue reading our review of the world’s first smart trampoline from Springfree.

So what exactly is a smart trampoline? Well, a smart trampoline is any trampoline that uses technology in a “smart” way. While the idea of technology in a trampoline may seem weird at first, it’s actually extremely useful and gives children a better incentive to go jumping.

Instead of simply jumping in circles and playing games such as popcorn, kids can instead interact with a tablet that’s attached to the side of the safety enclosure and play games while jumping around. This is all possible thanks to the sensors on the side of the mat that send signals wirelessly via Bluetooth to your tablet. These sensors are capable of knowing your placement on the mat and can even tell how high you jump.

While all these features may seem pretty impressive, there is still a lot more that Springfree trampolines have to offer. So if you’re beginning to think that this smart trampoline may just be the right one for you, sit back and relax and continue reading the rest of our review. If you do ever decide that you want something else though remember there are plenty of other popular trampolines on the market for you to look at.


Safety First

Besides being the only smart trampoline in the world, all trampolines from Springfree are also considered the safest in the world as well. This is because Springfree doesn’t have dangerous metal springs but instead uses flexible composite rods that are positioned below the edge of the mat and out of your way. This eliminates the possibility of a spring flying off and hitting someone or somebody getting their foot or leg stuck in between the metal springs.

Another great safety feature that comes included with every trampoline from Springfree is the FlexiNet enclosure. This safety enclosure uses what is known as a “no climb net” (safety netting with extremely small holes) to keep children from ever getting their toes or fingers stuck in the netting – which is a pretty common form of injury.

In addition, while most trampoline companies will use large steel poles to hold their safety enclosure in place, Springfree instead uses the same flexible composite rods that are used for the springs. This design is much safer as you can actually jump against the safety netting and the flexible rods will keep you from falling to the ground. Plus if you actually run into one of the composite rods it won’t hurt anything like it would if you ran into a large steel pole covered with foam.


Games and Fitness

What children love most about the smart trampoline from Springfree is the tgoma digital game system. Simply download the app on your tablet and place it in the designated holder on the side of the enclosure and your kids can begin to play games right way. Check out this video review below we found that showcases the new tgoma digital game system.

Some of the more popular games include squashing aliens and shooting evil fruit, but there are also educational games and even fitness apps you can use as well. Tgoma can even tell you the amount of calories you’ve burned by using an algorithm that tracks the amount of bounces you take and how long you jump.

Springfree even made sure to include a basketball hoop (FlexiHoop) to give your children something fun to do whenever your tablet is recharging. Playing basketball on a trampoline is definitely an effective way to work out as well so don’t be afraid to join in on the fun.


Built to Last

When I was shopping for a trampoline one of the biggest reasons I was drawn to the models from Springfree was because I heard they would be able to last for years even when left outside in the harsh weather. Other trampolines seem to just fall apart after 1 or 2 years of being left outside so this definitely had me excited that I finally found the right trampoline for my family.

What makes Springfree trampolines so durable is mainly the result of three things:  the double powder coated galvanized steel frames, the UV resistant polypropylene nets & mats, and the fact all the stitching on the trampoline is covered with a mesh material to keep it from falling apart. All of these features (including the flexible composite rods) allow the 13’ x 13’ Springfree square trampoline to hold up to 1,100 pounds of overall weight.

While this trampoline may be capable of holding an incredible amount of weight, it is recommended that you do have a 220 lb. weight limit per person. However, I have seen heavier people jump on my Springfree trampoline and it continue working fine, but it’s up to you whether you take the chance or not.


Is the Springfree Smart Trampoline Worth the Price?

Sure the Springfree smart trampoline may be the most technologically advanced and safest trampoline in the world, but it’s also one of the most expensive trampoline you could ever buy. That’s why we only recommend Springfree trampolines to people who don’t care about the price and insist that their children have the best of the best.

This doesn’t mean that buying any other type of trampoline won’t be good enough for your children, but there’s no denying that it won’t be anything like a Springfree.

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