When you’re a little kid even going out to jump on a trampoline can be a ton of fun, but as you get older you’ll begin to get a little bored with the regular jumping and want to step it up and do some cool tricks. Well today is your lucky day because we’re going to personally teach you (okay maybe not personally) how to do some of the coolest tricks ever performed on a trampoline.


Cool Tricks to Perform on a Trampoline

Before you start trying to perform any tricks on your trampoline, you first need to make sure to read over our safety rules. While these rules may be written with mostly young children in mind, most of the rules still apply for older kids as well.


Front flip

Doing a front flip is usually the first risky maneuver that most people ever perform on a trampoline. In order to do a front flip you first have to jump as high as you can, and then while you’re at the top of your jump you need to throw your arms forward while simultaneously pulling your knees to your chest.

Make sure to thrust your body forward in the flipping motion at the same time and don’t be scared of failure. Most people usually fail only because they stop flipping mid jump out of fear.



A backflip is much like a front flip, only a lot scarier. While the forward flipping motion allows you to see where you’re going while you flip, during a backflip you’re completely clueless as to where your body is going (until you get them down at least).

When performing a backflip you’ll want to do them exactly the same way you would do a front flip, but instead of throwing your arms and body forward you will want to go backwards. We’ve found the best way to start doing a backflip as a beginner is to land on your back first and then thrust yourself backwards. This eliminates the scariest part of the flip and keeps you safely close to the mat at all times to avoid unnecessary injury.


The Flailing Arm Spin

While doing a normal 360 ° spin may not be that impressive, it’s pretty radical to be able spin around multiple times while in the air. To be able to spin so effectively though you really have to know what you’re doing.

When performing the flailing arm spin the first thing you have to do is rotate your body and arms in one direction while still in the air. The next step is to then thrust your entire body in the other direction the second your feet begin to leave the mat. If you do this correctly you should be able to perform at least a couple of spins before your feet land back on the mat. With time and practice though you can really work your way up and be able to spin 3, 4, or even 5 times!


Other Trick Variations You Can Do

Instead of teaching you all of the different tricks you can do on a trampoline, you would be much better off just to watch this trick video recorded by inney10 on YouTube. He shows you a lot of the basic flips variations you can do and even teaches you how to do them. Remember though, your safety is extremely important so only attempt any of these tricks when you’re absolutely ready and not a second before!

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