Finally my town just got its first trampoline park and you wouldn’t believe how excited me and my kids were to go! Of course we made sure to go there on the day of its grand opening (which was packed by the way) and we had so much fun I even went the next two days as well.

If you’ve never been to a trampoline park then you should definitely check out the video below. It will give you a sneak peek into how much fun you can have by simply jumping on trampolines and hopping over obstacles.

While their trampoline park may be a little different than the one we have in our hometown, all of them are essentially the same in the fact that they have trampolines and obstacles for you to enjoy jumping (on/over/around/through). We even have a foam pit at our park which is tons of fun to jump in and you can even do tricks into it as well.

The best part though is the sheer amount of helpful employees you can find around the park. I was afraid that the trampoline park would be mayhem and my kids would get pushed around too much while jumping. After being there for a little bit we quickly realized that the park was far from mayhem and was actually an extremely safe environment. I was even able to stop watching my kids for a few moments and have fun all on my own because I knew they would be safe.

Overall I was extremely happy about our experience at the trampoline park and would recommend you go to one immediately if you can. Seriously they are just too much fun to miss out on, especially if you have children.

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